Adam Foley

I was first introduced to Juan through a colleague a little over a year ago. My colleague said he was more than a mechanic, he was an “artist”. So I gave him my 10 year old Specialized Tarmac Pro for a complete overhaul. When I got it back, it looked like a new bike. More importantly, it RODE like a new bike as well. After that, I said I would never have anyone else touch any of my bikes other than Juan.

Later that summer my crankset wore out and was loose. I called Juan and asked him to come take a look at it. He said it was beyond repair, we needed a new one and it would take a couple of days to come in, but he was concerned that I would miss a group ride. So he went home, found an old crankset in his shop, came back and installed it just so I wouldn’t miss a ride. Then when the new one came in, he came back yet again to install it. Three visits in a matter of days all so I would be able to continue riding my bike.

Juan offers such a ridiculously high level of customer service that I now measure nearly all my customer service interactions using Juan as a benchmark

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